Prices & Ordering

     I am a full-time professional artist, and I try to set the prices for my work at levels which are fair to both me and my clients.  I paint all of my paintings with top-quality acrylic paints on premium, edge-wrapped canvases - either a traditional thickness (.875" - which is better for conventional framing) or a gallery thickness (1.5" - which is better for hanging unframed).  I completely paint the edges of all of my paintings, so the gallery thickness is usually preferred, but I charge the same for either thickness.

     Aside from sales tax (if you live in Texas) and shipping cost, the only two significant factors in how I price my work are the size and the complexity of the piece because they determine how much time it takes me to paint it.  Generally, however, unless the proposed piece is unusually complex, its size is the main pricing factor, and I price it by the frontal square inches it will take (I don't charge for painting the edges).  As an example, my earlier 11' by 14" (154 square inches) painting, "Snow Leopard," shown below, would currently sell for only a fraction of what my largest painting to date, "Eagle's Descent," shown on the Large Pieces page at 48" by 60" (2880 square inches) would currently sell for if it were available.

     To order one of my paintings, either an existing one, a giclee, or one you would like to commission, please contact me by either telephone or email at the numbers/email address show on the Contact page.