‚ÄčI paint almost exclusively with acrylic paints since I have found that I am allergic to oils. Though, I am primarily known for my wild life and Pet portraits. I also paint people portraits, and my narrative paintings. Which some have called expressionistic and others surrealistic. Examples my paintings "Red Tree in Snow," or "Lightning up and Letting go." I occasionally, I do multimedia pieces, as well as Printmaking. But my primary artistic outlet is painting and my primary focus is on people and animals - especially the latter. I have loved animals all of my life, and being able to show their essence as the wonderful, beautiful creatures they are is one of my driving passions. Whether an animal is wild and exotic or just an everyday pet or domestic animal, he or she is a unique creature with a unique essence. My goal as an artist is to capture that essence and share it with those who view my work. I think you see the soul of a person or animal through their eyes, so when I paint people or animals I try to make their eyes so real they seem to look back at you. And, I try to paint people or animals so realistically they appear ready to speak, or step, or spring - to even fly off the canvas.